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Sports Injuries

Unfortunately, injuries are an everyday part of sport activity, but with prompt physiotherapy assessment, diagnosis and appropriate treatment it is possible to achieve full recovery.  We offer an expert solution for the relief of a wide range of sports injuries.

Treatments include:

•Achilles tendonitis
•ACL rupture
•Ankle sprains
•Carpal tunnel syndrome
•Golfer’s elbow
•Groin strain
•Hamstring strains
•Ligament ruptures
•Ligament strains and sprains
•Osteoarthritis of the knee
•Patellofemoral pain syndrome
•Runner’s knee
•Shin splints
•Shoulder impingement injury
•Sinus tarsi syndrome
•Soft tissue bruises, e.g. dead leg
•Soft tissue inflammation
•Spinal injuries/fractures
•Sporting back
•Sprained ankle
•Tendon strains and sprains
•Tennis elbow
 and many more…

We assess, diagnose and treat all injuries. Physiotherapy treatment can include one or a combination of the following:

•Advice and education – because we believe self-management is essential to recovery
•Joint and spinal mobilisation and manipulation
•Personalised exercise therapy and rehabilitation
•Soft tissue massage and facial release techniques

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