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The importance of correct ergonomics in the modern workplace cannot be overestimated. The rise in people working at computers for long hours, performing repetitive movements in static positions, has resulted in a dramatic rise in strain-related injuries including pain and discomfort in the neck, arms, elbows, wrists and hands.

Our certified physiotherapists have specialist knowledge in ergonomics and work-related conditions.  Beginning with an individual work station assessment, they are able to identify risks and recommend correct workspace layout including advice on correct posture, seating, height of the desk and chair, position of computer screen, mouse and keyboard.

iGoPhysio runs on-site physiotherapy and ergonomic clinics for private and corporate clients, tailored to their individual needs.

If you crane your neck to see your monitor, bend your elbows to type or scrunch a shoulder to use a phone, you are a victim of bad ergonomics. Potential consequences include back, neck, shoulder, wrist, elbow and foot pain, headaches and repetitive strain injuries.

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