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Why Choose Us ?

Whatever the cause of your injury, our experienced team of professionals will work to ensure you are mobile and pain-free again as quickly as possible, as well as indentifying the underlying cause of your injury to prevent recurrence.

Why choose iGoPhysio Chartered Physiotherapy:

1. We are a specialist health care team of qualified physiotherapists and therapists dedicated to improving and managing your health care needs.

2. We are Chartered and Health Professional Council (HCPC) registered. We have over 50 years of clinical expertise and have been in private practice for over 30 years.

3. We specialise in physiotherapy, sports injury, work related injuries, return to work programmes and relief of long term illness for people of all ages.

4. We have modern and up to date facilities and electrotherapy equipment and a dedicated Pilates centre for rehabilitation, exercise and wellbeing.

5. Easy referral – we are recognised by GPs, consultants, specialists, solicitors and medical legal insurers.

6. We communicate effectively with all referring partners to ensure proper supervision of your clinical problem, to make sure we are all working towards the patients wellbeing.

7. We are recognised by major medical health insurance companies, so qualifying patients can recover the cost of their treatment.

8. We are recognised as expert witnesses in our field and we have successfully represented many of our clients in receiving damages for personal injury and litigation cases.

9.We can provide domiciliary care in the comfort of your home, office or gym.

Our clients describe us as

professional, reliable, experienced, forward thinking, rigorous, well equipped, knowledgeable and friendly

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