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Muriel, September 2016

Re: Jocelyn Hacker

“I am 60 years old so you can imagine why I need a physiotherapist. I saw a lot in my life. Some used to focus on money, some others on part of my body and very few on ME. Jocelyn is one of them. I met her when she was working for NHS. When she left, I tried to continue with NHS (I am a teacher, not a banker…). I could not find somebody able to listen, believe and understand me. So I contacted her and do not regret it. I know that it is a financial investment, but it is worth because you will be heard, you will be respected, and you will receive the treatment adapted to you and to your needs. She is a very competent, patient and kind person. I was lucky to meet her and now I can do things that were impossible before. Thanks to her (and a bit to me also for practising regularly the exercises she gave me).

Ayosha C, Holly Ridge, United States, June 2016

Hi, I have been suffering from severe back pain for decades, my lower three disks are gone. 2013 and 2014 were really bad years for me, with long periods in bed, sometime forced to use a bottle to pee as unable to walk a few steps to WC. I was referred to physiotherapist Shirmilla Julka at IgoPhysio by a friend. What a change that did make. Ever since I started the treatments there, no more severe crisis, and gradually I regained my abilities, flexibility and strength. Today I can work again, walk and jog without fear, and do archery without problems.
There is no magic wand that can sort out a chronic bad back problem, only hard work by a good physio and commitment to do stretches and exercises as prescribed. I have been treated by a number of physiotherapists in UK and abroad, on NHS and private. None had made such a great shift towards my pain free back as Shirmilla. She has a talent, knowledge and experience to diagnose the acute as opposed to chronic problem, and to design a proper procedure that will work for both.
As there are several practises at the same location, unrelated to each other, my opinion is only about physiotherapy offered by Shirmilla Julka. I rate Highly Recommended.

Jankie B, Knoxville, United States, June 2016

I believe I hurt my left wrist doing gardening, on Saturday, some weeks ago, anyway, it was so painful next day, I couldn’t even do the dishes. When I told that to Peter, my friend, he said, I know just who you need to see, she did my knee some years back, she is brilliant and she works Sundays, so he phoned her than and there, and she agreed she could see me.
To cut it short, she was very gentle, examined it carefully, movement, painful spots and asked me what I did and how. She explained to me what happened and how she is going to treat it, and it involved all king of things, electricity, ultrasound, acupuncture, stretching, massage and I was taught what exercises to do at home. .She asked me to phone her tomorrow if it did not feel better in the morning, but it did. I phoned her anyway, and we had a nice chat, and no second visit vas necessary, and by the end of that week all pain was gone.


It was one hour to get to Golders Green, on Sunday in London, and one hour to get back, horrible traffic on Sundays, but for that kind of help I would go to the Moon.


Her name is Shirmilla Julka. Her mobile is in my phone now and I know where to go with my pains now.

Martin, June 2016

Excellent practitioner and really nice person! – Shirmilla treated my painful arm condition which has now cleared up completely. About a year later she treated a troublesome leg condition which she also cured. Now she is working on a painful neck and shoulder which has already improved after just one session. She really knows what she is doing!

Francis, October 2015

“I feel I haven’t said thank you enough for the amazing support you have been to me and to mum over the last year or so. I know that its your job and yet I feel you have gone above and beyond by far what you are contracted to do – being there for the stairs for my cousin Nicole’s wedding being a listening ear and friend to mum on many occasions and more than anything being willing to support me in taking a stand with the monkey on Mum’s back – the depression – supporting me to take a hard line with her when she needs that – because of you and your hard work and kindness my mum is not housebound when she could so easily have been. So thank you so much!”

Tessa, October 2015

I recommend you to take your aches and pains to Shirmilla and let her safe hands and professional skills bring you the relief you are looking for” T

Lynda, July 2013

“I am writing to thank you so much for your wonderful treatment of my sacroiliac joint before my trip to Australia.

You have been treating me intermittently over the years for my lower back L1 disc problem but thankfully I have only had to call on you occasionally as I successfully manage that problem through exercise and going to a specialist gym.

The sacroiliac problem came out of the blue and the pain was excruciating – as bad as any I have ever experienced. You diagnosed it straightaway and after three days of treatment with only marginal improvement you correctly told me that I must see my doctor and get anti-inflammatory medication which I did. That helped kickstart my recovery with your daily sessions of physiotherapy and two weeks later I was able to feel confident about the plane journey to Australia.

I honestly thought that we would have to cancel the trip but you literally worked miracles. Your diagnosis, treatment and advice were 100% accurate and I cannot thank you enough”.

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