Golders Hill House, 592 Finchley Road, London, NW11 7RX
opening hours 7.30am - 8.00pm

Secret Yoga Space

Welcome to Secret Yoga Space(SYS), owned and operated by

Lili Millar

“I have loved sport, fitness and health all my life. I was highly competitive in at hockey, squash and cross country. My love of yoga really took root 25 years ago with my first trip to India. I have practiced with many amazing teachers but currently it is my study with my teacher Hamish Hendry of Ashtanga Yoga London that inspires me to see the ordinary in the practice and how well it fits into my life. Finally I love sharing this wonderful practice in my classes.”

SYS Ethos and guiding principles are :

  1. Fun – Enjoyment in the class is crucial
  2. Education & Information – Too often instructors and teachers withhold information until customers pay out cast sums of money, this wont happen with SYS.
  3. Trust In Our Experts – We have selected professionals who have years of training, experience and bags of personality.
  4. Value For Money – We will offer a well thought out blend of classes that will lead to progress, all reasonably priced.
  5. Progress – In each class there will be maximum 10 students. The teacher can then give each student personal attention and ideas to help them evolve their own practice as they become more experienced.
  6. We will support and value the talented professionals we employ, too often in gyms and yoga centre teachers are underpaid and disrespected by clients and employers.
  7. Consultation with our customers will drive our excellence.

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