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Constantina Stamou

Pilates Instructor

Motivated to train in and to teach the STOTT PILATES® Method because of chronic lower back issues, Tina was able to manage them by focusing on improving her posture, balancing her muscles, and strengthening her entire body. Having experienced and being surprised by the benefits of Pilates very early on in her rehabilitative process, she adopted a whole new lifestyle and became a STOTT PILATES® Certified Instructor. Ever since, she has been working closely and consistently with her Instructor Trainer, now an Osteopath, who has been an important mentor and teacher to her. Via closely observing the benefits of Pilates in her own body and by attending numerous workshops on rehabilitation, Pilates training for athletes, pre/post natal Pilates fitness, as well as participating in a number of different dance disciplines, Tina has developed her accurate observation skills, deep understanding of body mechanics, and a collection of strategies that help her adapt each exercise to every client in such a way that they can experience the Pilates benefits early on.


Continually building on her existing knowledge via attending Pilates workshops and seminars, Tina’s personal interests lie in post-rehabilitation and the propagation of the Pilates system via closely monitored good technique. Observing her clients progressing, getting stronger, more mobile, agile, flexible, pain-free and one step closer to their personal goals, is one of her greatest satisfactions as a Pilates instructor, and when coupled with joyful engagement between her clients and herself, every session becomes a unique experience.


Tina holds a PhD in Authorship Attribution and Stylochronometric Studies, and is a Strategic Intervention Life Coach.

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