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Anke Schroeder, Pilates Instructor

I am originally from Germany and Sport played always a big role in my life. During my days of studying for my economics degree I worked as a fitness coach in our local sports club and was also a keen windsurfer, runner and tennis player. Later I took up snowboarding and kickboxing. Before I moved to London in 2000. I worked as an Internal Auditor. In London I was occupied with motherhood and sport was just my hobby.

Due to a kickboxing injury I started to train on the Pilates apparatus. I enjoyed working on equipment and quickly realised that through Pilates I am not just protecting my body from injuries but it also helps me to excel in all the other sport disciplines.

I signed up for a Pilates Mat Teacher Training Course with Allison Swan, previously Pilates Foundation. I continued with an Equipment Teacher Trainer Course with JPilates Ltd. I run a small mat class in the Cumberland Lawn Tennis Club, but also love to teach as a freelancer in Virgin Active, Nuffield Health and The Fitness Mosaic in Camden. Since I joined IgoPilates I am able to offer the Method of Pilates on the mat and on equipment.

I still practice myself classical Pilates twice a week and visit workshops to network and to extend my knowledge further. My ambition is to stay true to the original work from Joseph Pilates and therefore decided to attend the Romana Kryzanowska* Teacher Training Program. I passed the assessment successfully and have been accepted for the programme, which will begin in January 2017.

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