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Fractured Clavicle

A clavicle fracture is a break in the clavicle bone (collarbone), usually caused by trauma resulting from a fall or blow to the clavicle.  It can result in moderate to severe pain that increases with movement.  Symptoms of a fractured clavicle include:

  • A visible deformity or lump in the injured area
  • A rubbing sensation when the arm is raised
  • A shoulder that collapses forward and downwards
  • An inability to move the arm
  • Weakness, numbness or tingling sensation in the shoulder, arm, or hand
  • Swelling around the shoulder and collarbone

Recommended treatment

 Treatment can include one or more of the following:

  • Stretching and strengthening exercises
  • Rehabilitation
  • Physiotherapy
  • Anti-inflammatory medications
  • Rest
  • Ice treatment
  • Compression  – such as splint
  • Strength training exercises
  • Ultrasound treatment
  • Surgery (if symptoms persist)

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