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Benefits Of Massage Therapy

Benefits Of Massage Therapy

article by Autumn Handy

Nothing is more relaxing than a full body massage and it’s not just about pampering yourself. It really can do a world of good. Scheduled self-care care plays a huge role in keeping yourself healthy and happy. It’s more than just feeling pampered and relax.

Those who suffer from lower back pain can find relief with a good massage. It will help to alleviate your pain, improve motion and flexibility and can even release endorphins that act as natural pain relievers, meaning you don’t have to take as many pills, which is great for your health and well-being.

Those with Sciatic nerve pain can get some relief, especially if lavender oil is applied to the area and worked in. The massage will help with circulation, pain, release the endorphins and if you don’t mind smelling like lavender flowers, it will further help with the pain associated with the condition.

It also helps when you overwork those muscles, helping your body to flush out the toxins that cause the pain and allowing you to recover faster so you no longer feel like you got hit by a mack truck, letting you get back to your normal routine faster.

A massage can help to relieve anxiety and depression, making you feel happier and less stressed! Plus you will sleep better because of it.

It’s great for those suffering from Arthritis, helping to relieve the stiffness and pain associated with the condition.

It can also help to increase circulation and even burns a few extra calories.

Research is showing enormous benefits to massage, from treating chronic diseases and injuries to relieving the stressful lifestyle some of us deal with. Even the medical community is beginning to embrace it, and its becoming common place in hospitals everywhere. Further more, I have seen the effects it can have on the health and well-being of clients, letting them relax, relieving their pain and making them happier, healthier people.

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