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A refreshingly new approach to physiotherapy treatment 

We provide a range of physiotherapy and alternative treatment services including

A Leading Physiotherapy Practice For Sports Injuries, Acupuncture, Pilates, Alexander Technique and Orthopeadics

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iShop We supply a variety of products to our clients who attend our clinics as part of their care and Read more ›

Acute Low Back Pain

Injury Prevention – Stretching, Warm up, Warm Down

Injury Prevention – Stretching, Warm up, Warm Down By Sunil Kapoor If I was to ask you all how injury Read more ›

Mum is Not Housebound

“I feel I haven’t said thank you enough for the amazing support you have been to me and to mum over the last year or so. I know that its your job and yet I feel you have gone above and beyond by far what you are contracted to do – being there for the stairs for my cousin Nicole’s wedding being a listening ear and friend to mum on many occasions and more than anything being willing to support me in taking a stand with the monkey on Mum’s back – the depression – supporting me to take a hard line with her when she needs that – because of you and your hard work and kindness my mum is not housebound when she could so easily have been. So thank you so much!” Frances October 2015, For Shirmilla Julka, Principal

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