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I have been suffering from severe back pain for decades

Hi, I have been suffering from severe back pain for decades, my lower three disks are gone. 2013 and 2014 were really bad years for me, with long periods in bed, sometime forced to use a bottle to pee as unable to walk a few steps to WC. I was referred to physiotherapist Shirmilla Julka at IgoPhysio by a friend. What a change that did make. Ever since I started the treatments there, no more severe crisis, and gradually I regained my abilities, flexibility and strength. Today I can work again, walk and jog without fear, and do archery without problems.

There is no magic wand that can sort out a chronic bad back problem, only hard work by a good physio and commitment to do stretches and exercises as prescribed. I have been treated by a number of physiotherapists in UK and abroad, on NHS and private. None had made such a great shift towards my pain free back as Shirmilla. She has a talent, knowledge and experience to diagnose the acute as opposed to chronic problem, and to design a proper procedure that will work for both.

As there are several practises at the same location, unrelated to each other, my opinion is only about physiotherapy offered by Shirmilla Julka. I rate Highly Recommended. Ayosha C, Holly Ridge, United States, June 2016

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